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Sudan coup attempt: Guinea coup d’état, Mali junta, why coup dey return for Africa

Military coups don begin happen often for Africa, dis na afta many years of stability for di continent.

Most of di coup wey dey happen for Africa don see soldiers use force take over di reign of power.

Di one wey for be di latest coup incident na for Sudan wey di attempt fail.

Just less dan one month ago na soldiers for Guinea wey kidnap dia President Alpha Condé for coup.

In less dan one year Mali don experience two coups wey di Economic Community for West African States (Ecowas) still never fit resolve.

Why coup dey happen for Africa

Anytime wey soldiers successfully carry out any coup dem dey blame on corruption.

Odas dey tok sey na sake of poverty and di need to unite di kontri.

“African kontris don get conditions wey dey common for coups, like poverty and poor economic performance.

“Wen coup happen for one kontri e dey make di tin happen for oda kontris,” Jonathan Powell tell BBC.

Dis research work wey cover 19 African kontris show 6 out 10 further confirming say corruption na major reason wey coup plotters dey give – e confirm wetin Powell tok.

Tori about coup for Africa

Nigeria na one kontri wey get reputation for military coups.

But those coup start to happen afta Independence and na eight don happen wey lead to di emergence of General Sani Abacha for 1993.

But Sudan na di kontri wit di highest number of coups wit 15 incidents – five of dem dey successful.

Di latest one happen for 2019 wit di removal of Omar al-Bashir as head of state.

According to one study, na 80 successful coups don happen for sub-Saharan Africa.

108 of coup attempt wey happen between 1956 and 2001 don fail, di report show.

Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Zimbabwe na some oda African kontris wey don experience coup.

Source: bbc

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